seiichi (kinetic__) wrote in downto2,

Ryoma, Yukimura: chance meeting

Random IM chat that evolved into a thing.
Short, sweet, current, worksafe.
Pretend they've met randomly at a public park or something.

Yukimura: *to Ryoma, brightly!* So, Echizen! How's your tennis? :D

Ryoma: It's.... fine. ::long pause:: How's yours? ::drinks ponta::

Yukimura: Getting better. <3
Yukimura: Anytime you want to play again, the invite's open. Provided I'm in town.
Yukimura: ... going to any major tournaments this year?

Ryoma: ::shrug:: Dunno. Prolly.
Ryoma: ::still watching yuki a bit warily::

Yukimura: ... you've been to the US open already, haven't you?

Ryoma: Yeah, so?

Yukimura: How was that?

Ryoma: ... Was tennis. Same as any other open, pretty much.

Yukimura: Mm.
Yukimura: Except you don't know the players as well, since they're not from your own backyard.

Ryoma: Doesn't matter. 'S still tennis.

Yukimura: *laughs a little* Yeah, it is. That's what matters, isn't it?

Ryoma: Yeah. Doesn't matter if you know the players or not. F'you play 'em long enough, you will.

Yukimura: *grins*
Yukimura: *turns, just a little, to watch him as he speaks* Echizen, I ...
Yukimura: I think we may have started off on the wrong foot. I'm sorry for that -- I underestimated you. Can you forgive me?

Ryoma: ::frowns:: Look. I don't like you.
Ryoma: But at least I keep it to myself.

Yukimura: *does not know why this is not working*

Ryoma: F'you wanted to be "friends" with me, you shoulda thought about that a helluva long time ago. M'not gonna make a big deal, 'cause Akaya looks up to you, but you'd better not expect me to worship you the way everyone else does.

Yukimura: They don't worship me.

Ryoma: Well, you certainly want 'em to.

Yukimura: You assume a great deal.

Ryoma: ::shrugs:: So do you.

Yukimura: *calmly* Do I?

Ryoma: ::flatly:: Yes. You do.

Yukimura: I'm sorry you think so.

Ryoma: Well, be sorry, then. Doesn't make any difference to me. Just leave me alone.

Yukimura: You really hate me that much? I'd thought we had more than a little in common, don't you?

Ryoma: I'm nothing like you. An' I'm not gonna ever *be* like you.

Yukimura: *soft smile* I think it's too late for that.

Ryoma: I'm *not* like you.

Yukimura: *little laugh* I suppose you'll just have to see for yourself.
Yukimura: You have my apology, Echizen. It's been good to see you again.
Yukimura: Take care of yourself. *smiles and gives a little wave as he goes*

Ryoma: ::just glares unhappily until he goes back to his ponta::
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