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RP Log: Akaya & Ryoma

Date: Baaaaaaaackdated to, um. June 8th, I think? The day Ryoma skipped school following the crazy comment war he had with Yukimura.
Rating: F for fluffy? :D;; Maybe a bad word or two, some kissing. Nothing much~
Summary: Akaya decides he'd better find Ryoma and clear the whole mess up. <3

It wasn't that Akaya'd never had to deal with pissed-off boyfriends (and girlfriends, but mostly boys, thank gods) before, he was just usually unwilling to--if they were stupid enough to throw hissy fits at him 24/7, he was better off without them. As such, he couldn't understand why anyone'd want a relationship where there was nothing but Sturm and Drang, if you got his meaning, and it seemed like his senpai-tachi and just about everyone did. In the end he'd always gone back to Marui-senpai, because that was just plain old fun and nothing got in the way. Well.

Just at the moment he was caught up in his own little episode of soap opera, and it'd been pissing him off a little too, at first; but... well, it was Yukimura-san and Akaya kind of, somehow, felt like he understood, a little. It was confusing and he hadn't been together
enough all day to think it through--and in any case there was this to deal with first. The most pressing issue was that he clear things up with Ryoma, current boyfriend and going to stay that way.

Who, at the moment, was completely ignoring Akaya as he seemed more focused on beating a path through the wall in front of him. Akaya found himself devoting a pleased little buchou moment to the fact that the swings were razor accurate, if a little wild, even when the younger boy's focus obviously wasn't at its best. "... You could've come to practice, y'know," he noted after a moment, smirking, "There's plenty of walls that need wearing and tearing around the new clubhouse they just built."

Ryoma jumped a little at the voice - he hadn't heard anyone come up behind him - but his next shot was still right on the mark, and he didn't need to stop swinging to speak. He wasn't sure if he'd actually expected Akaya to come find him - half of him was still more than a little unhappy, reminding himself that he didn't want to talk to anyone today. The other half, more traitorous than the first, was secretly glad Akaya was here now. Like he could fix everything, though Ryoma knew that life just wasn't that simple. He didn't need anyone to take care of him. That was stupid and weak. He hated feeling weak.

"Clubhouse's too crowded," he replied, finally, still swinging, forehand, backhand, forehand. "Didn't wanna go today." Ryoma watched the ball bounce from the wall to his racket another couple of times before he finally caught it in one hand, turning to give the older boy a somewhat sullen gaze. He still felt strange - one minute he was angry, the next he wanted to just go away where no one would bother him, and he kept flipping between the two without relent. It was enough to drive him crazy. "You still wanna talk to someone like me?"

Okay, that was unfair - Yukimura had obviously not consulted Akaya first before going on his tirade. But Ryoma was afraid - truly afraid, worried, because Yukimura and Akaya were such good friends, what if Akaya really did think so little of him? Ryoma hated the thought that he was being strung along - he did not like being played for a fool, and he did not like thinking that maybe that could be the case here.

Akaya rolled his eyes--so obviously, talking wasn't going to work, not that he'd expected it to. Akaya put very little stock by saying things, because it didn't count till you actually did it, and he'd thought Ryoma was the same way--maybe being around their mutual senpai'd infected him, or something, 'cuz he was acting like a jealous ex. And he had no business acting like a jealous ex when he wasn't even one; incurable stupidity seemed to be a permanent feature of tennis clubs Akaya captained, or maybe that was just captains in general.

Maybe it was because of all this, and the fact that he'd been out-of-sorts all day, that Akaya didn't even realize what he was going to do till he'd already cleared the distance between them and caught Ryoma up off his feet to kiss him breathless, communicating just about everything hard and straight and physically like they were all wont to do. What was the point of dancing around? Captains didn't speak in riddles (all the time). He pulled back, grinned and kept Ryoma's feet just off the ground, hands clasped around his bottom. "Why bother with talk if talk doesn't work, right?"

Akaya moved before Ryoma really had a chance to process it - all he knew was that one second he was standing there and the next he wasn't. And his feet weren't touching the ground anymore, and Akaya was kissing the hell out of him. And he couldn't think about anything other than that for a moment, until the other finally pulled back. Ryoma blinked, trying to pull himself back together; he finally realized that Akaya was trying to tell him that he was being freaking stupid. Because he was, and it wasn't like he hadn't known it. It was the same as with Dan last night - Ryoma couldn't give a good reason for why the hell he had been so ready to storm out and leave the rest of the world behind. It had just seemed like one more thing piled on top of him until he was going to be buried under it all.

He didn't really want to think about any of that right now, though. "Talk's cheap, anyway," he said quietly, because it was - if someone wanted to tell you something, showing you was a whole lot better. It was one thing to say something. It was another thing entirely to do it. He looped arms around Akaya's neck and took a few deep breaths, resting his forehead against the other's neck and trying to clear his head further. Making some comment about Yukimura was pretty much pointless right now - Akaya obviously didn't agree, so Ryoma'd drop it. He should've - would've, normally - in the first place, but last night it had just been too much. "Look. I just don't like thinking I'm being strung along, s'all." When he agreed to do something, he expected the other party to hold up their end of the bargain. And last night suddenly he hadn't been sure if that was the case.

It looked like Ryoma'd at least got the message--most of it, anyway, since he wasn't pulling away or yelling or sulking or any of that. Akaya'd probably have had to shut him up again if he had, and although that wasn't such a terrible thing he really preferred to make out with less complications to it. Being quiet like this was fine, he could stay like this even if his boyfriend's damn dramatics weren't over with yet. At the last words Akaya set Ryoma down without letting go, and just lowered his head right down and kissed him again, with long and slow and lazy strokes of the tongue, making sure the other boy wouldn't be able to speak for a bit by the time he was done. His mouth curled, a bit. "Do I look like the kind of guy who'd waste his time (and talent) like that?" A slightly reprimanding nip to Ryoma's nose, because that was a bit of an insult, wasn't it?

Ryoma was working very hard not to melt into a kiss like that, but after a moment it seemed completely pointless not to. It took a moment to regain breath (again) after that, but Akaya deserved an answer, at least. "Didn't strike me much as one who liked to waste his time, but you sure do spend a lot of it lost, even f'you don't," he said, unable to resist taking a jab at the other's pride, because that was the quickest way to make things feel normal again, at least to him. "Your whole team does things sideways."

But that thought - wasting time - brought up another one, still related to Yukimura, much though Ryoma'd like to forget about him completely for the next century. But maybe he'd had a valid point - or part of one, anyway - and Ryoma had never asked because he'd always assumed he'd be told if it was important. Maybe that was the case, but still...

"So," he said after another moment, studying the taller boy's face, "it's not a waste of your time f'we're not sleeping together? Your captain sure sounds like it must be, an' he's been goin' on about that for a while." He had never thought so, but if Akaya did it would be nice to know. And hear it from him.

Akaya screwed up his face theatrically at the jab to his direction-finding skills (or complete lack thereof), but the retort died on his tongue with the next issue Ryoma brought up. There was a bit of a pause where he readjusted his thought process to fit the
seeming non-sequitur... and there was a flare of annoyance at his erstwhile buchou for sticking his nose in what wasn't in any way his business, that died as soon as it started for the same reason Akaya'd never questioned Yukimura-san's criticisms and words on the court. Well, relatively speaking, of course.

Curls tickled against Ryoma's forehead when Akaya brought their faces together, just leaning, so the amused shine in his eyes looked directly into Ryoma's. He licked his lips, smirked; began slowly, but at least he thought he knew what he was going to say. "Hey." A flick of the tongue against the other's nose, and Ryoma couldn't pull away because Akaya's arms'd wrapped around his neck, secure. "Listen, if sex was all I was after the whole time, I would've saved myself the trouble and gotten someone more experienced. Right?" He didn't pull away--it was warm in the little space there was left.

"Well, I thought so," Ryoma replied quietly, though he had to admit, that was a giant weight off his shoulders. He'd always assumed that had been just the case - but somehow, with his insistence, Yukimura had been able to begin chipping away at his surety until he hadn't been sure at all. Hearing it from Akaya really did make things seem better again. And if that was the way it was, then that made things a lot simpler.

"S'just better to make sure s'what you meant," he said after a moment, slipping arms around the other's waist and pulling him all the way over, nipping lightly at the exposed skin of Akaya's neck. He wasn't sure what he'd do after this - he had questions, and a number of them, but Akaya didn't seem to be the one to ask right now. Maybe he'd ask someone else. Like Eiji-sempai...

"Anyway. Done practicing," he said, with a small lick at the hollow of the other's neck, now. "I'll run laps t'morrow f'you want." He had a feeling he wasn't going to get out of them - not for skipping practice today.

Akaya just grinned at the light touches, which to him felt more tentative than anything else--he'd had to go and pick a shy one this time, hadn't he? Well, you wouldn't be able to tell from Ryoma's everyday attitude; and if he went from how it'd started out, the muffins'd made him a lot more forward. He couldn't help a small snicker as he purred against Ryoma's ear, "Bad boys earn their laps, but if you wanna come over, you can score some food in the meantime."

Not that there was much of a choice given there. "Better get your racquet before it gets left here," he noted, and next moment said object bumped Ryoma on the head when Akaya slid it into his hands. Taking advantage of the fact that Ryoma's face was currently still buried in his neck, he bent and scooped the smaller boy into his arms, whooping as he spun them around a bit to get the other's weight situated and avoid dropping him with the momentum, and just for the heck of it. There really wasn't anything else he needed to do tonight--except, well, there was that twinge, but Marui-senpai'd understand, right?

Ryoma blinked and let out a small yelp as he was unceremoniously picked up and whirled around, trying not to drop his racket. "... I'll take food, then," he said finally, figuring that in this situation, he hardly had a choice. Not that he minded.

No, not that he minded at all. Besides, if he was going to run laps tomorrow, it'd be better to eat as much as he could in the meantime.

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