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Echizen Ryoma

RP Log: Dan & Ryoma

Date: Tuesday evening
Rating: Uh... a bad word or two, that's it.
Summary: OMG watch Dan and Ryoma be as awkward as humanly possible. And almost kiss.

Dan: ::Flops down on the couch, and lets out a sigh, pleased to be somewhere with good air-conditioning.:: Ah~ This is better already. <3

Ryoma: ::Nods and sits down a cushion away, leaning back and closing his eyes a moment:: Yeah, at least Dad's too accustomed to A/C to let us go without one. You feelin' better?

Dan: M-Mmn, a bit, yeah. ::Manages a smile, even though his heart is racing. To pre-occupy his mind a little, Dan picks at the plastic seal around his container of ice cream.:: The heat is just really bad this year, I guess. ^^;;

Ryoma: ::watches him absently a moment:: Yeah... ::blinks, snaps out of it:: Yeah. It is. Even the shade doesn't help much. ::pauses:: Be right back. ::goes to get them spoons, and returns, handing one to Dan before plopping back onto the couch and working on opening his own container::

Dan: ::Wonders why they're merely talking about the weather; aren't they beyond that stage of friendship?:: Oh, thanks. ::Takes the spoon and savors the first bite of the cold dessert. For a moment, Dan holds the container against his neck, closing his eyes.:: ...this sure helps, though. ::A cold shower would be best, he thinks.::

Ryoma: ::gets the lid of his open and shoves a spoonful into his mouth, still watching Dan a bit absently, thinking that must feel really good:: Yeah. Seriously, though, don't get sick or anything. You're drinking water, right? ::feels a little like a mother hen, this is silly. Of course Dan knows to drink water::

Dan: ::Nods, smiling a bit.:: Yeah, I do. Quite a bit, actually. I try to have at least two liters a day, during the summer. More, for when I'm working a lot. ::A slight blush comes over Dan's cheeks as Ryoma asks, however. It clearly could be taken as being too warm, but it isn't.::

Ryoma: ::nods:: Figured you knew, but... ::takes another bite, then glances at Dan and frowns a little. Is he blushing, or is he still too hot? They did just walk all the way here from the store:: Seriously, though, you okay? ::leans in a little to see if his cheeks really look redder, or if he's imagining it::

Dan: ::Almost feels as though his breath is stuck within his throat. Dan can smell the subtle flavors of Ryoma's ice cream, and wonders how it tastes. Without thinking, he wets his lips, before dragging his gaze back to his own container, taking another bite.:: Yeah~ I-I'm fine. Really! ^^;

Ryoma: ::blinks, suddenly realizing he's probably closer than he should be, and sits back, taking another bite to hide any discomfort, because he's still worried about Dan, even if he can't show much more than that:: Okay. Good. Be sure to take it easy. ::silent for a moment:: This should help, though. An' it's good. ::motions to the ice cream::

Dan: I am, and I will. ::He's still a bit flushed, though visibly on the happier side.:: It just seems a little different, I guess. ::Another large spoonful; Dan nearly giggles, his stomach and chest tight.:: Having Ryoma worry about me, I mean.

Ryoma: ::still watching Dan a bit carefully, but working on eating his ice cream as well. At the mention of worrying, he looks like if he were the type of person to blush he would be, but in reality isn't:: Well, s'just, you work yourself too hard sometimes. You're my best friend. Gotta watch out for you. ::Is trying to remain neutral while still internally torn - things with Akaya have been so much better, but he can't just forget about Dan, either::

Dan: ::Smiles, casting a glance towards Ryoma, almost in thanks. He then laughs, though it's a bit on the tense side.:: I'm not the only one who words too hard at times, y'know. ::Playfully nudges Ryoma in the shoulder.:: I... Well, I gotta watch out for you, too.

Ryoma: ::looks a little bit embarrassed, but not blushing still:: Yeah, yeah. I guess it's good to have someone lookin' out for you. ::thinks it's a bit funny, because he never believed Taki the first time the other told him that, but between Dan and Akaya it doesn't seem so bad anymore:: Guess we're both fine, then? ::doesn't quite believe that, either way::

Dan: U-un! Both..we're fine. Just fine and healthy and happy. ::Dan tightens his grip around his ice cream container, and swallows the imaginary bit from his previous scoop.:: ...What kind did you get, again? ::Dan peers to the side of Ryoma's container.::

Ryoma: ::nods, still a bit concerned, but not about to pry:: Me? Chocolate chip cookie dough. ::holds the container out a little, still watching Dan:: You wanna try some?

Dan: Sure~ ::Again, he manages a smile. He digs in for a generous spoonful, though it drips as it makes the trip to his mouth.:: Guess the A/C isn't..quite enough for it. ::He giggles again, looking to his own ice cream, and how it's melting as well.::

Ryoma: ::chuckles a little and tries to hold it closer but sees it dripping:: Yeah... Don't get it all over yourself... ::can't help but think of the way he and Akaya always seem to take care of that problem and looks away a moment, before pulling it back and taking a bite:: What'd you get?

Dan: ::wipes up the dribbled bit from his chin with a finger, and licks it off, given they don't have napkins. Again, he flushes, but does his best to ignore the fact.:: Ah, double chocolate-cherry-chunk. Wanna try?

Ryoma: ::very deliberately not watching that:: Huh... yeah, sure. ::leans over and takes some himself, keeping one hand under the spoon so it doesn't drip on the couch:: Huh... s'good. ::savors it, thinking it's just the right flavor for Dan, somehow::

Dan: ::Almost feels the need to look away as Ryoma takes the bite. They're already close, as is; nearly pressed shoulder to shoulder.:: Yours is, too. ::Dan brings the container back to himself again, though his gaze stays put. He feels almost too heavy to move.:: ...

Ryoma: ::nods, and frowns - he hates feeling awkward around Dan, and doesn't know when this started, but knows something's different:: Hey... you... ::pauses, because he's not quite sure what he wants to ask, exactly:: Did I do something?

Dan: ::Swallows, and for a moment, he can't speak. Again, it feels as though his breath is stalling; he wants to cry, scream, run away; anything, as long as it involves Ryoma.:: N-no. ::Dan hates to lie, almost more than anything.:: ...Ah, no, no not at all.

Ryoma: ::Believes him, because Dan doesn't lie, but is still worried at the way he answered that:: Did someone else do something? ::Dan doesn't really get picked on anymore, but he'd still believe it::

Dan: ::Shakes his head a little, and winds up leaning his forehead to Ryoma's shoulder.:: I.... guess, maybe. It's just my own fault. ::He nearly laughs again; the tears feel awfully close, threatening-like, and he only murmurs in response.::

Ryoma: ::blinks, definitely concerned, and puts his container down, tentatively wrapping an arm around Dan in a sort of loose half-hug:: Your own fault? It can't be that bad. ::Is wondering if it has something to do with Akutsu, since that's the last time he saw Dan almost like this:: Are you sure? ::also wouldn't put it past Dan to think something was his fault that really wasn't::

Dan: ::It takes all of his ability to not throw his arms around Ryoma, and flat-out sob, or...or something that would mean never letting go of him. Dan can't, however, suppress the faint shiver that laces through his body.:: I'm sure. And it's my own damn fault for not trying to solve things, b-because....because they just can't be solved, just at the drop of a hat. ::Winces at the bit of a pun, tasting as his tears find their way to his lips.::

Ryoma: ... Hey. Hey. Don't... Dan - ::isn't quite sure what to do, like before - he's not quite the type to hug people, but Dan is different, and he's crying and Ryoma really hates not being able to do something about it:: Hey, look, I'm sure it'll get solved... ::doesn't actually mentally process the fact that his hand's gone to wipe off Dan's lips::

Dan: ::It's Dan's heart that shivers this time. He unconsciously leans into the touch, savoring the kindness, yet knowing it's only making things worse.:: It'll take a w-while, I'm sure. But...but yeah...... ::manages a faint smile. The ice cream is long forgotten.::

Ryoma: ::realizes what he's doing and pulls his hand back after a moment, but Dan seems a little better, at least:: Well, I guess most things do. F'someone's hurting you, though, don't stand for it. ::hopes that's not the case, because he should have noticed if it was, but he's still a bit paranoid from the way Dan let Akutsu treat him::

Dan: ::Winces, again, at his stupidity; what was he doing??? Dan's smile wavered a little.:: No one's hurting me, really. I- ... ::Dan knew he was only hurting himself.:: I won't put up with it, though, if it happens. Got too many people looking out for me...

Ryoma: Okay. Good... ::just sits there, watching Dan a moment more, in silence:: Well, you - you're nice. Of course people wanna watch out for you. ::And that should be the only reason he wants to watch out for Dan too, even if it's not:: You should listen to 'em. ::still absently staring at Dan's face::

Dan: ::Nods in agreement. In regards to the Akutsu thing, Dan knew he was being hurt; he simply ignored the fact, and what other people said. Love was love, after all. But, now... :: But are you okay? ::Feels Ryoma's forehead with the back of his hand, almost just as a joke, or to lighten the mood, despite his current feelings.::

Ryoma: ::starts a little, realizing Dan's close again:: I'm fine. ::says that a little too quickly, suddenly feeling torn again, not wanting to do what he also wants to do very badly right now:: ... Your hands are warm. ::tries to convince himself to look away, he's taken, after all, but it's particularly hard to remember right now when Dan is right here and still probably hurting::

Dan: ::Laughs a little, a tremor peeking through his voice. His hand travels down to rest gently on Ryoma's cheek.:: Well, your skin is warm, too. ::Swallows down any remaining tears. This moment needs to freeze itself, Dan's decided.::

Ryoma: ::thinks Dan's hand is awfully soft, too, not like Akaya's:: Well I guess we're even, then... ::Is sure that sitting here like this is very, very wrong and they need to stop, but really, really doesn't want to:: ... Look, Dan, I just want... ::stops, feeling stupid, because there's no way he can tell Dan what he wants anyway, and he's not sure he should want it:: ::sighs a little::

Dan: ::Is beginning to feel as though he's been drinking; Ryoma's so close, they're alone... Dan's mind is blank as he wets his lips a little, but he blinks, his attention lifting to Ryoma's eyes. :: You... want what? ::Oh, god, his pulse doesn't want to slow down at all. Dan's hand hasn't even moved an inch.:: You're okay...right? Or maybe you're just...more okay than I am.. but...

Ryoma: Well, s'just... you’re not okay and I just want to... ::Is currently wired to do first and talk later, however, and leans in, arm tightening around Dan and mouth coming within barely a centimeter of Dan's lips before he realizes what he's doing and stops, pulling back, eyes wide:: Ah, fuck - Dan - I didn't -

Dan: ::He's barely breathing at the moment Ryoma leans in closer, hurting far too much, and craving for this to happen. But it can't. It really, honestly can't. Not now. Not when Ryoma's with Kirihara, or the fact that Dan's still getting over almost a year-long relationship with Akutsu. As he gets a grip, finally, Dan barely registers that he's shoved Ryoma away, in order to stumble back against the arm of the couch.:: I- ....I - Ryoma... you.... ::Clamps a hand over his mouth, and before he can find anything to say, he scrambles to his feet, eyes wide with tears, and runs out the front door.::

Ryoma: D- fuck. ::smacks himself on the head with one hand and sinks against the couch, feeling like a total and utter failure and a hypocrite on top of that and not sure he knows how to fix this at all::

Dan: ::He barely can see the way in front of him as he walks to meet the bus, or any way to get back home. Blinded by tears; it feels nostalgic, much to Dan's distaste. Maybe the bus won't be great, though. Not right now. It's hot and suffocating outside, and he doesn't have his ice cream; but maybe that's for the best.::

Ryoma: ::finally gets up from the couch, realizing with a pang that Dan left his ice cream here, and scoops both containers up unhappily to put them in the freezer before stomping up to his room and debating just how hard it would be to fake sick tomorrow::

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