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RP Script; Sparkling Pair -- Pool for two?

Takes place: 6th July, 2006

Sparkling Pair: Oishi invites Oshitari out for a game of pool. They both suck at pool. :D Much sparkles and random conversations ensue.

Oshitari: *turns to Oishi randomly* I’m going to be horrible at pool, Syuichirou, just thought you should know.

Oishi: *putting chalk on the end of the pool stick, grins* This may be an even match, then.

Oshitari: Mmm, but thank you for your offer to go play. *takes the stick, twirl it around in his hand for a bit*

Oishi: *leans against his pool stick, nods* Of course. You need the time off. You want to break or shall I?

Oshitari: *finishes putting chalk on the end of his pool stick* You do the honors naa~.

Oishi: *moves the balls into position with the triangle and then lines up the shot with the cue - a clean break, though nothing went in* It's all yours. *backs away from the table* How's that headache?

Oshitari: *takes aim at a red ball and shoots, almost sliding it in, but the ball bounces off the side, just missing the hole* Hnnn. And the headache’s better, much better. You said to remove oneself from the source right? Maybe I just needed some fresh air.

Oishi: *lines up a shot at the same ball, sinks it* Guess I'll take solids. *lines up another shot, but only manages to barely avoid scratching* It's been too long since we've gone out and done something remarkably badly together, Yuushi.

Oshitari: *observes the scattered balls calmly before turning to Oishi, one eyebrow raised* Solids? *takes another shot, misses again* Last I remembered was the drinking, although that couldn’t exactly constitute as bad per se.

Oishi: I think we did that unfortunately well. *lines up another shot - only manages to scatter some balls further* Still. We haven't done much outside of meeting up on campus, have we?

Oshitari: *takes another shot, sinks it in after much pool acrobatics* Clearly, I am not built for pool, but aah, apart from school, we’ve hardly seen each other. How are you and Kikumaru-kun anyway?

Oishi: Ah, everything's going well with us. Eiji patient with me - I've been so busy, lately, as you know. *leans against the wall* He's been trying to get active again - he slacks without Tezuka to tell him to run laps.

Oshitari: *stops and puts more chalk on the pool stick* Syuichirou, you could always run laps with him naa~. *laughs and goes back to the table*

Oishi: *also laughs* Are you saying I look out of shape, Yuushi?

Oshitari: You’re starting to lose your tennis physic. *pokes Oishi’s shoulders* You’re clearly broader than how you’ve been in Seigaku.

Oishi: Ahahaha, but I swim now. Is it a less attractive form?

Oshitari: Mmmm. *pretends to look Oishi with a critical eye* Well, I’m a poor judge, but since you’re so curious, have you asked Hito~mi-san? I’m sure she’ll tell you the truth naa.

Oishi: *chuckles* Oh, not you, too. Eiji gives me a hard time about her. *waves toward the table* It's your shot, Yuushi. *quiet a moment, waiting for Yuushi to take his shot* Maybe I should ask Yuuki-san, na?

Oshitari: *lifts eyebrow at Oishi* You realize Yuuki is biased for you right? You could grow a mullet and she’ll still adore you. *hit the ball and misses by a mile* …I think pool hates me. Like bowling pins hates me.

Oishi: Yuuki-san is? *slightly nervous chuckle, chalks the pool stick, again* You know, I can help you with the bowling part of that - can't do anything for you when it comes to pool. *lines up a shot, sinks another ball, but accidently sinks a striped ball, as well, in the process* Ah... looks like I can help you on accident, na~

Oshitari: *watches and is amused* I do believe you’re blushing, Oishi Syui~chirou.

Oishi: *shakes his head with a smile* I'm doing no such thing.

Oshitari: *laughs and lines up to take his shot* So, how are you Syuichirou? Like you said, we haven’t seen each other very much outside campus.

Oishi: Quite well. Busy, but I have no complaints. Other than the recent trouble, how are you?
Oshitari: Good actually. *pauses for a moment* I think I’ll survive naa~.

Oishi: *crosses to the other side of the pool table to toss an arm around Oshitari's shoulders* It's not about surviving, Yuushi. It's about being happy.

Oshitari: *laughs* You’re right of course, Syuichirou. You’ll make a really good parent, you know.

Oishi: *chuckles* Thank you, so long as I'm not yours.

Oshitari: *laughs* Whoever knows, next time, your kid might be a tensai kid. I’ll be sure to teach him the ropes then naa. And I believe it’s your turn.

Oishi: *shakes his head* I don't believe I want Uncle Yuushi having too much influence on my children. *nudges Oshitari's shoulder with his own before lining up another shot - missing miserably*

Oshitari: …Uncle Yuushi doesn’t have a nice ring to it, Yuushi-niisan sounds so much better. *takes his shot, just misses* And I’m starting to think that at the rate we’re playing, we’ll probably finish this game at the end of next year.

Oishi: I think you're being optimistic. *taps the fingers of one hand on the edge of the table* Very optimistic, even.

Oshitari: What’s your estimate then? *sits on one of the high bar stools around the pool table*

Oishi: *shrugs, lines up a shot* 2052? *hits the cue ball, sinks another solid* Unless one of us hits the 8-ball prematurely. *lines up another shot, accomplishes nothing*

Oshitari: So that means we’ll be… *does a brief calculation* 65 years old, not bad. *takes his shot, sinks in another ball but misses the next one entirely* I can’t believe people actually play this game for fun. *mutters to himself*

Oishi: *hums to himself* Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64~? Isn't that how that song goes? *sighs, shakes his head* I'm sure someone finds this very entertaining.

Oshitari: Next time, we’ll head for karaoke instead. *drums his fingers on the felt table and frowns, taking off his glasses, cleaning it and putting it back again* Let’s finish this shall we~? I don’t think we’ll still be able to break hearts at 65 ahahahah.

Oishi: Ahahaha. *leans forward, intentionally sinks the 8-ball* Will you look at that - I can intentionally lose with ease, but I can't make two consecutive shots, otherwise. *stands up, passing his pool stick between hands* I'm sure you'll be breaking hearts even at that age, Yuushi. I can't even do it, now, na~

Oshitari: Highly unlikely, at that age, the only heart I’ll be breaking is my own ahahahah. And you, Syuichirou, are breaking hearts even now, just that you don’t know it yet~.

Oishi: *winks* Hopefully not your heart. I'd hate to be responsible for bringing the white knight from his horse.

Oshitari: *smirks* Even the white knight needs to breathe some fresh air once in a while.

Oishi: *frowns a bit* Oh, go rescue a princess, or something. *chuckles, throws the chalk at Yuushi*

Oshitari: *ducks easily and laughs* You’re losing your aim, Syuichirou, swimming getting to you~?

Oishi: Just see if I can't still slip a volley or two past you. *laughs, throws an arm around Oshitari, again* What would you say to dinner and a couple games on the street courts?

Oshitari: We’ll see, I didn’t make the regulars for nothing. *laughs again* And dinner, sounds really good. Shall we? We can sing the saru song again ahahahah.

Oishi: Nor was I vice captain for nothing. *whaps Yuushi lightly upside the head* Are you having visions of drunken tennis? I do believe that's a game I *can* beat you at, for sure.

Oshitari: They don’t call me a tensai for nothing Syuichirou, I bet I can beat you at drunken tennis~. *smirks and adjusts glasses before throwing an arm around Oishi* Loser pays for karaoke the next time we go.

Oishi: You're on, Yuushi. *brilliant smile*

Oshitari: *smirks* I hope you have money ready, Syuichirou, for the alcohol and the karaoke.

Oishi: *chuckles* There's one condition, however.

Oshitari: *lifts eyebrow* Oh~?

Oishi: Take Niou-kun's suggestion. I think it might solve more than one headache if you gave someone you love a good kiss - reminded him of how you love him, and reminded yourself of how he cares deeply for you.

Oshitari: That…is easier said than done; especially when your partner refuses to tell you anything and all you’re left with is even more questions. But, I’ll try Syuichirou. Pinkie promise.

Oishi: *holds up his pinkie, adopting a serious look* Yuushi, you should stop waiting for him to tell you things and start listening for what he does tell you. It's not always going to be in words. You know Mukahi better than that.

Oshitari: Ahhh. *hooks his pinkie through Oishi’s* I will, I’m not about willing to let my redhead go. *conspiratorial wink*

Oishi: *smiles softly* I know that - but you should make sure he does, too.

Oshitari: Aaahhh. *smiles then pauses a moment before smirking at Oishi* So, about that drunken tennis game~?

Oishi: *smirks* I hope you're ready for bitter defeat.

Oshitari: *mirrors smirk* And I hope you’re ready to pay for our karaoke.

It would be safe to say that they really did go for drinks and got incredibly drunk. They would've have actually tried to play drunken tennis then giggled and laughed so hard that they would've passed out on the benches around the street courts. XD Then they would've woke up later and argued over who lost and who had to pay for karaoke before laughing it off and, nursing a rather throbbing heachache, head for food together, singing gorrila, sarus and chimpanzees. :D;

...I'd reckon that anyone at the street tennis courts would've seen them making a big ruckus. XD;
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