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RP log; Bunta and Taki, beware the bubbling

Takes place at some ungodly hour Thursday night/Friday morning. Taki says something seemingly spontaneous, Bunta does the same - they talk it out and the more they talk, the more inevitable read: planned it seems. As it says above, beware the bubbles. Hopefully this sheds some light on the post in donutboys. Then again, maybe not. These two are unbelievable.

Taki says that his class was cancelled - he unexpectedly has Friday free.

Bunta thinks they should take a random trip to Kyoto, or something – just because they can

Taki says they should and they could get married while they're there :D

:D Bunta says that's a fantastic plan, and perhaps they should find someone to watch the dogs and get packing <3

Taki eeeee's, tackles Bunta, and kisses him soundly <3333333333333333

Bunta firmly wraps his arms around Taki and returns the kiss, breaking only to steady his breath and ask if they should, you know, tell anyone.

Taki mms and says that they should tell Jackal, Seiichi, and Kuranosuke, at least. He promised that he'd tell Kuranosuke. But other than that? No <3

Bunta giggles a bit and gives Taki a light kiss and says that he'll ask Jackal to babysit the children, then. Through Sunday evening?

Taki giggles and says that sounds good, they should be back by then. <3

Bunta chuckles low in his throat and kisses Taki's cheek and says softly that he can't stop laughing - he's so happy - though it's the same feeling as being at the top of the first hill of a roller coaster.

Taki smiles softly and says that he is, too, they've come this far, and this feels so right, he hadn't expected it would this soon, but it does and he's following his heart... seeing where it will take them now.

Bunta fiddles with some of Taki's hair and says his heart seems to be leading him right so far, and tilts his head getting a stupid-in-love look on his face.

Taki returns the expression with an equally lovestruck one of his own and says that he wants this, he wants to always be as happy as this, and twines his fingers gently with Bunta's.

Bunta puts his forehead to Taki's and says he does, too - the peace and security and home and family and love - all of it. Everything that comes with it.

Taki murmurs "I love you" and clasps Bunta's fingers a little more tightly, letting his eyes fall closed.

Bunta smiles warmly, doing the same, and says, "I love you, too, Haginosuke."

Taki says that this... there are no words to describe what he's feeling right now but he likes it, its safe and warm and so right. They're ready for this and it makes him so happy they are.

Bunta blinks, feeling his eyes starting to tear up and he just makes a quiet noise of agreement, not trusting himself to not cry. This is certainly what he wants, but if he tries to express it, it's going to come out nothing but blubbering and he knows it.

Taki's eyes tear up, too, and finally he just holds Bunta tight, pressing as close as possible and letting that say everything for him.

Bunta pulls up against Taki in return, melding against him and hiding his face in Taki's neck. He whispers out everything he's thinking - though rather incoherently - whether Taki can hear it or understand it or not - just to get it out of his system.

Taki listens, somehow managing to follow, it's what he's thinking, too, they've always been of like mind about this, underneath their differing logics. He simply clings to Bunta, whispering that he knows and understands.

Bunta eventually is able to wind down having to wipe his eyes, and moves away, murmuring they should get to packing, a brilliant grin on his face.

Taki mirrors it, still holding onto Bunta's hand, and says they should. The sooner they're ready to leave, the better. He can't wait~ Kyoto and Bunta and.. and... finally, he just squeals and leaps at Bunta again, dropping kisses all over his face.

Bunta lets out an "oof" or surprise, and starts giggling all over again, returning the kisses Taki allows, but otherwise just enjoying the showering of affection.

Taki finally brings himself under some semblance of control though his eyes still shine with pure adoration and he says they really should get started but it's hard to let Bunta go right now, even to pack.

Bunta grins in return and says once they get packed, Taki can hold him all he wants, and kisses the very tip of Taki's nose.

Taki smiles and says that this is will be a record breaking packing job, then, and immediately gets to work.

Bunta snickers himself into a fit, feeling almost drunken, and goes about his own packing, though he keeps getting distracted by giddy laughing and observing/disrupting what Taki's doing, instead.

Taki starts laughing, too, and says that if Bunta doesn't finish soon, he'll throw a shoe at him. Then reaches for the nearest one and waves it threateningly.

Bunta all-out belly laughs and says he does fear the all mighty shoe pitching abilities of the powerful Taki Haginosuke, and slips away to the bathroom to grab toiletries.

Taki drops the shoe and returns to his packing, grabbing a few changes of clothes, and then pausing as he comes across the tux he wore at the Christmas party so long ago. He grins a little devilishly and snatches it, depositing it on his vanity bench - getting married in that would certainly be poetic, wouldn't it? <3

Bunta comes back with toiletries in his hands and holding Taki's hairbrush in his teeth by the handle and asks if there's anything he's missing...?

Taki pulls the tophat Bunta had worn that night out of the closet and says nothing, grinning crookedly instead.

Bunta deposits everything he's holding on the bed, taking the hairbrush and setting it aside, and tilts his head with a sort of wondering smile and asks if Taki thinks he should get married in dark purple? That's got to be against some law or another.

Taki says he'd never told Bunta exactly how dashing he'd thought he'd looked in this suit.. or handsome.. and wouldn't it be romantic to get married in the clothes they'd shared their first kiss in? <3

Bunta smiles and takes the hat, putting it on gingerly and says that does have a certain sort of poetic ring to it, running his fingers across the brim of the hat.

Taki smiles back, his eyes softening, and says that this feels right, too. He'd experienced a new beginning in that tux though he hadn't known it then, it's somehow fitting that he experience another. That they experience it together.

Bunta starts feeling a bit blubbery again, so he hands the hat back to Taki, claiming to be unsure of how to pack it, and starts putting away the toiletries. As he does he says it feels a bit like everything's falling into place - like a mystery that's being solved in front of his eyes.

Taki puts the hat in a box and stuffs it into its own suitcase, saying that it almost feels like this was preordained - that they'd stepped onto this path long ago before they'd even known where it was headed. He doesn't like to believe in fate, he doesn't like thinking he doesn't have a choice, but it feels as if this is where they've always been meant to be.

Bunta gives a nod, sitting down on the bed to just regard Taki for a moment, before saying perhaps it's just one of those things - everything happens for a reason, and all their happenings having been leading to this.

Taki drops the suitcase - they're almost done anyway - and moves to sit down beside Bunta, taking his hand. He opens his mouth to speak but suddenly finds that he has nothing to say at all, nothing that can be communicated through words, and just kisses Bunta instead.

Bunta laces his fingers with Taki's and returns the kiss, giving up on thinking about all of it.
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