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Log: Friendship, Tea and a Thousand Miles in Words [Seiichi & Renji]

Takes place today! XD; A small Seiichi!fluff that mutated into a monster!log. Renji visits Seiichi for a bit of catching up after returning from a two-year absence. They proceed to delve into quite a bit of buchou's denial, and end up (sort of?) resolving something in regards to Genichirou. Hey, at least it's progress. ♥

Ahh, Sanada-mun, we need to discuss this. XD;

Seiichi: *latches to Renji* <3

Renji: *amused* So affectionate, Seiichi?

Seiichi: It's been a long time. ^^;

Renji: *smiles* It certainly has--how has your recovery been?

Seiichi: It went well. Would've been better with you around, too, but as you can see, I'm as active as ever ;D
Seiichi: There was a little mishap with a hydration problem a while back, but that's nothing to worry about now. *laughs*

Renji: That's good to hear, but you always have had a problem paying enough attention to your body's needs in conjunction with your spirit's. *shakes head* Just be careful, Seiichi. Or, as Seigaku's Tezuka would have it, 'Yuudan sezu ni ikou', wasn't it?

Seiichi: *sighs* I know, I know. But you'll help me now, won't you? *takes Renji's arm in his hands*

Renji: *gives Seiichi's hand an affectionate squeeze* I'll certainly do my best to keep up with you, Seiichi. As you live life to the fullest. *wry smile*

Seiichi: *grins* Thank you.
Seiichi: *thoughtful* ... you don't think I'm overdoing it, do you?

Renji: *raises eyebrow* Would you like to specify which 'it' you feel you might be overdoing?

Seiichi: ... I'm not sure. *wry smile*

Seiichi: Genichirou is ...
Seiichi: ... I don't know, displeased.

Renji: *frowns a little* Why don't we make some tea, and you can start from the beginning.

Seiichi: Okay.


Renji: *checks several cupboards* Instant tea, Seiichi? I believe we can leave off the pleasant formalities to another time.

Seiichi: *smiles* If you like.
Seiichi: *sits at the table, even though it's his own kitchen; sighs* Where do you want me to start? I don't know how much there really is to talk about.

Renji: *sets down the cups and takes a seat himself, leaving the tea to sit and cool for the moment* Maybe you should start with Genichirou, since I have clearly missed a number of things since I left.

Seiichi: *wraps his hands around the steaming cup* Well, we broke up, you know. That wasn't long after you left. We've been friends since then, of course, but ... things aren't the same.
Seiichi: He came to Seigaku after that first year, and ... it was nice to have him close by. I don't know, things were weird. I don't know what's going on with him.

Renji: *picks up cup and pauses for a moment before taking a sip * That's only natural, I suppose, but have you talked to him about 'what's going on'?

Seiichi: What's there to talk about?

Renji: *sighs* Seiichi... Do you remember when you were in the hospital?

Seiichi: And?

Renji: *softly* The way Genichirou acted, after you were taken away. The way he acted towards the team, and towards our opponents.

Seiichi: That was years ago.

Renji: *gently* And the fact that he never, once, spoke of the worries and fears that were driving him to this, to you? The team shared his sentiments then, and you only found out what had been happening, some time after.

Seiichi: *listening, sips tea*

Renji: *sets his cup down and just looks at him, quiet* Genichirou's not terribly good with words, Seiichi. If you don't know 'what's going on', yet feel that there's nothing to talk about--anything that is wrong on his end, will not be expressed.

Seiichi: ... so what am I supposed to ask him.

Renji: *takes a long sip of tea and raises an eyebrow, amused* You could start by asking him what has him so grumpy lately.

Seiichi: He's not grumpy.
Seiichi: He's ... distant, but he's not ... grumpy.

Renji: 'Displeased', Seiichi? Is there some other meaning to the word that you'd like to tell me?

Seiichi: ... I don't know.
Seiichi: He doesn't like me running off with other people, but -- dammit, it's my choice who I spend my time with.
Seiichi: He can't keep protecting me.

Renji: *exhales, eyeing him for a long moment* It sounds to me, Seiichi, like you're the one who's being distant, not Genichirou.

Seiichi: I'm not.

Renji: *leans back a little* Something intrigues me, though. 'Other people'?

Seiichi: What about it?

Renji: ... I see. Well. I'd suggest you speak to Genichirou about this, but if you feel there's nothing to talk about...

Seiichi: ... wait, can you ... clarify, Renji?

Renji: What would you like me to clarify?

Seiichi: Please, can you just ... tell me your thought processes on this? Maybe I ... need to hear things the way you're thinking them.

Renji: *smiles at him* Of course. *stills for a moment before speaking* From what I've observed, Genichirou still has feelings for you--it is unlikely that venue was ever fully resolved. This led him to act in a way that you called 'displeased'--possessive, perhaps, Seiichi? *wry smile* The hospital was years ago, but you're still in the midst of recovery--you still think Genichirou is trying to 'protect' you, futilely, when in fact what he's trying to do is...
Renji: *quiets* I'm afraid that's all I can glean from what I've currently gathered, Seiichi. Any further information would have to come from Genichirou himself.

Seiichi: *mildly exasperated sigh* ... well.
Seiichi: He doesn't ... act like he wants that. No, that's not true, either. I don't know.
Seiichi: ... I do know he's something to me, Renji. I just don't know what.

Renji: *smile grows warmer* Talk to him, Seiichi. If there's distance between you, mend it. You were the captain of Rikkai--we stood on top of the world together. Remember that.

Seiichi: We all were.
Seiichi: I'm glad you're back.

Renji: *drains his teacup* I'm glad to be back, as well. *chuckles* More tea? Then you can tell me what the rest of the team has been up to--I doubt they've been quiet and model citizens while I was away.

Seiichi: Yes, please. ^_^
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