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Log: The art of seduction, or: How Buchou Got His Groove Back

Date: Sunday evening / Monday morning (11-12 June)
Summary: Akaya intends to talk to Yukimura about the issue with Ryoma, but it backfires horribly and Akaya winds up seduced. D: I feel bad for poor Ryoma. ;;;
Rating: No graphic smut. Not even really graphic making out. But it's implied. ♥

Akaya: *calls Yukimura*

Seiichi: *picks up* Hello?

Akaya: Ah... *flails a little* Yukimura-san?

Seiichi: What is it?

Akaya: ... How are you?

Seiichi: I'm fine, Akaya. How are *you*?

Akaya: I'm doing good... Are you busy?

Seiichi: No. Actually, it's a good thing you called; I've been meaning to talk to you about some things.

Akaya: *blinks* Right. Same. I mean... yeah, what did you want to talk to me about?

Seiichi: Tell me, Akaya. What do you see in Echizen Ryoma? What's so special about him?

Akaya: Um, okay, gimme a second. *pause, sits down* He's... what do you mean, special?

Seiichi: Why are you dating him? You *are* dating him, or am I mistaken?

Akaya: Nope, definitely dating him. *pause* I guess just... for fun? Is that wrong?

Seiichi: So the sex is good.

Akaya: *more flailing* ... Yukimura-san!

Seiichi: What?

Akaya: It's... well, not like that. Yet. I think?

Seiichi: You're not having sex? Hm, so he was right...
Seiichi: You're okay with that?

Akaya: *snickers* As if he could lie about something like that...

Seiichi: *sighs* I'm worried about you, Akaya.

Akaya: It's... Mm, I'm fine with things the way they are right now. *shrug*

Seiichi: *concerned parent voice* You can do better, you know.

Akaya: I guess, but I've got other stuff to do than look just now. I hafta get this captain thing back into gear, and everything...

Seiichi: You don't need to look, do you?

Akaya: ... Eh?

Seiichi: *warm smile* If you know you don't want him, and you still need someone, there's always someone you can call. <3
Seiichi: You're not getting any from him anyway; how good could it really be?

Akaya: ... Yukimura-san...? You... *blinkblink*

Seiichi: Hmm?
Seiichi: You really don't need Echizen, you know.
Seiichi: Akaya? Are you there?

Akaya: *quiet* Yukimura-san... I was going to ask--can I come over for a bit?
Akaya: I mean--I haven't seen you in a while and...

Seiichi: Of course. <3

Akaya: *blinks, turns a little red* I'll be there in a bit. *almost drops phone hanging up*

[ moments later ]

Seiichi: *opens door at the knock* Come in. ^_^ Do you want anything to drink?

Akaya: *flushed from jogging* Water?

Seiichi: *gets two glasses, hands one to Akaya* Come upstairs?

Akaya: Thanks! *tosses down the glass, sputters a bit and follows him upstairs*

Seiichi: *closes the door, seats himself on his bed* Please, take a seat.

Akaya: *curls up next to him* Mm, so... *looks down and tries to remember what they were talking about*

Seiichi: *wraps an arm around him, pulling him in for a close snuggle* Everything'll be okay, now. ^^

Akaya: *hesitantly nuzzles against his shoulder* Wait, but... really?

Seiichi: *nods* You're here now, aren't you?

Akaya: *looks up* Yeah. I am. But...

Seiichi: *smiles and combs fingers through Akaya's hair* But?

Akaya: I thought you wanted to-- *cants head back, purrs softly* Well, answer to your question?

Seiichi: *keeps petting, humming a little himself* What's that?

Akaya: ... *thinks about it for a minute, eyes half-closed* ... I can't remember. D:

Seiichi: Don't worry about it, then. *kisses his temple*

Akaya: *turns bright red*

Seiichi: *smiles* ?

Akaya: *sputters a bit, manages to regain coherence* So... how's buchou doing these days? *looking down*

Seiichi: Hmm? *laughs a little* I'm fine. There was just that incident at the last -- well, I'm fine. ^^
Seiichi: *kisses his temple again, and slides a finger beneath Akaya's chin to meet his eyes* So are you, aren't you?

kaya: What--incident? *closes his eyes, confused* I'm good... I mean, last year of high school's hard and all, but it can't be worse now that my English is better and-- *realizes he's babbling, stops*

Seiichi: *murmurs* Don't worry about it. *kisses him quite fully on the mouth*

Akaya: *eyes snap open and widen* Mmmph! *squirms a little before just melting*

Seiichi: *licks Akaya's lips before pulling just barely away, hand still on his face* Better?

Akaya: *leans a little forward, flushed with eyes half-open* E-eh? I mean--buchou! That was...

Seiichi: ... why you're here, right?

Akaya: *blinks* W-W-What?

Seiichi: *panics inwardly but keeps his cool!* Mm, don't worry about it. *slides fingers into Akaya's hair and kisses him again, this time lingering*

Akaya: Mm. *leans into him, moaning softly into the kiss*

Seiichi: *lets it deepen, enjoying the contact -- it's been too long; he knows he can count on Akaya for this*
Seiichi: *when they break, whispering* Mm, see, isn't this much better?

Akaya: *curls against his captain, arching up to kiss again* Mmmmhmm...

Seiichi: *accepts the offered kiss, quickly taking control again and guiding Akaya's head to the pillows -- he lets his hands wander, not caring if he might be moving too fast -- it doesn't matter*

Akaya: *blushes at the feel of Yukimura-san on top of him, closes his eyes again and lets himself feel and respond, not minding the pace because--he wants it, he does, he really does*

[ fade to black ]

[ the next morning ]

Seiichi: *inordinately pleased with his success, not to mention the fact that he was actually -right- once again, watches Akaya sleep for a few moments. He's so peaceful when he sleeps ...* *murmurs, a little sing-song* Akaya~ time to wake up~ *kisses the corner of his mouth*

Akaya: *murmurs and shifts a little with a small frown* Fi' more hours... *curls into the other's arms a bit more*

Seiichi: *laughs a little, holds him close* Mm, you don't have hours, do you? Don't you have practice today?

Akaya: *blinks awake a bit, shakes his head a little to get rid of curls in his eyes* P-Practice? *bolts upright* Oh crap, what time is it?

Seiichi: 7:30, around then.
Seiichi: *wicked grin* Or you could call in sick. <3

Akaya: *looks down, looks up, looks down again, silently panics* Um... No way! *flounders a little before jumping half off the bed* Yukimura-buchou should know how important Monday practice is.

Seiichi: *laughs and tousles Akaya's hair* Of course, of course.
Seiichi: You have a strong dedication to your team, don't you? <3
Seiichi: Glad I taught you well.

Akaya: *blushes* 'Course, I wouldn't be buchou again this year if I didn't learn properly. *done dressing and stands up, still looking down* Um...

Seiichi: *sits up a little more properly* Hm?

Akaya: *blushes worse, leans down and gives him a quick, shy peck on the cheek* Good morning, Yukimura-san. *turns tail and flees* I'm gonna be late...!

Seiichi: I'll come visit you after school. Play well today, Akaya. <3

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